Inilah Cara Unik Seteve Vai Membuat Lagu

Di lansir dari HardGuitar Steve Vai:I take my guitar and I just play a first chord that came out. And I sang a melody… I just sing to find a melody. And that where it starts. And then you… make a song.

Whenever we are going to the creative element of our brain we always gravitate to the thing that interests us the most. Some people are very passionate about politics, about love, about fast cars. Most of the time we are thinking about sex. 

When I was very young… I’ve always been a seeker after truth or reality. I’ve studied through the years (not only about guitar, about everything) spiritual religions and spiritual core of truth. 

When I’m going to write my music I always gravitate to that core. But I have my brain that has all of technical information and ability. And that mixes all up. That’s how I write my music.”

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